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Target Certificate Program
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Environmental Horticulture
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Agronomy and Horticulture

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Comprehensive Review of Diploma Program Completed
A comprehensive review of the face-to-face and distance Diploma in Horticulture program, was recently completed by the Ministry of Advanced Education. It is our pleasure to share with you that our program met all the requirements of the review and we can confidently ensure our student body that this program exceeds all standards of quality and relevence to students wishing to take advantage of the opportunity to build a great career in the field of horticulture!
Events & Workshops

Throughout the year, we offer specialty workshops and Prairie Master Gardener classes and events at the community level. Any one from any walk of life, and with any level of knowledge is welcome to attend! All classes and events require registration in advance as well as full payment.

If you, or any one you know, would like to register, please call SSH, at 306-931-GROW(4769), or email us at

Coming Up Soon:

     Garden Days Party  - June 16, 2018
     Junior Master Gardener Kids Camp - July 2018

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Prairie Master Gardeners are people from all walks of life who have one great commonality -- a love of gardening. Since 1989, Master Gardeners have been helping to change the gardening world across North America. They are trained volunteers that share their knowledge and skills with their local community.

Our group is made up entirely of volunteers committed to offering educational, enjoyable and affordable gardening programs to the general public and to those registered in the Prairie Master Gardener (PMG) program. We range in experience from people who have never planted a seed to people who have forgotten more about gardening than most of us will ever know.

Though our home base is in Saskatoon, Prairie Master Gardeners live and garden in many parts of the province and beyond. 

Anyone can join the Prairie Master Gardeners.  If you want certification as a master gardener; you must meet certain requirements which include required classes and volunteer work.  There is no deadline of any sort.  You progress at your own pace.  Classes are open to anyone who is interested in gardening or in a particular aspect of gardening.     
*** You do not need to be a Master Gardener to take classes! ***
All classes and events are open to everyone! No membership required!
Please contact the Saskatoon School of Horticulture to register.
We accept e-transfers, cash or cheque for payment.

Garden Days Party
Saturday, June 16   6pm to 10pm

Come and join in celebrating the kick off of Garden Days 2018 and celebrate National Garden Day!!!

Garden Days is Canada’s country-wide celebration of the vital role of gardens and gardening in our communities and in our lives. National Garden Day is Saturday, June 16, the opening day of Garden Days 2018.... and what better way to kick it off than with a party!!

Live Music by the talented Mr. Maurice Drouin, a top notch famous local pianist and one of the founders of the amazing music industry here in Saskatoon, as well as an amazing accompanying vocalist.


A Cash Bar will be available.
Please bring tapas (finger food) to share.

Ticket cost: $20 and are available at
Deadline to purchase tickets is June 10.

July 9-16/July 16-20   9am to 4pm (before & after program available)

The Junior Master Gardener Program is an interactive, innovative program to introduce children to the art and science of gardening! Through this program, our next gardening generation will learn about: environment; plants and how they grow; flora, fauna, soil and water interactions; and much more!
The Junior Master Gardener Kids Camps are geared to initiate a passion for the green and growing, and cultivate that passion with future events and activities in children ages 8 to 13. The campers will engage in hands-on activities to learn about all facets of the world of gardening.
Activities and lessons will be gauged to teach about:

Once each component is completed, the child will have completed one level of the program. To become a certified Jr. Master Gardener, all four levels of the program must be completed along with a component of community volunteerism. One full week of Camp will complete one level of the Junior Master Gardener Program.
The levels of the Junior Master Gardener Program are:
Level 1 – Seed
Level 2 – Leaf
Level 3 – Flower
Level 4 – Tree
Upon completion of all four levels, an individual would be a certified Jr. Master Gardener!
Please return the attached Registration Form as well as full payment to the Saskatoon School of Horticulture to enroll your child in the Jr. Master Gardener Kids Camps!

Please download the registration form below.

Register now by calling 306-931-4769 or by email to
We need your contact information, an email address and full payment needs to be received to confirm your attendance.
Payment can be submitted via e-transfer to


Event dates are now set and available in the PDF below! We look forward to seeing you there!
pmgworkshops-printerfriendly.pdf, jmg-kids-camp-2018-reg-form.pdf, garden-days-party-invite2018.pdf

You can gain certification as a Master Gardener if you wish. Our program is designed to suit your personal needs.  You may join the program at any time and take the classes in any order you wish.  Classes are informative and enjoyable and will keep you current with all aspects of the gardening world.

To certify you need to:
There is a one-time $50.00 registration fee.  Cost of classes is $25.00 per class for members - $35.00 for non-members plus a materials fee if required.

Please refer to the document below for more details on your new endeavor!
Learn how to become a Prairie Master Gardener and have fun while growing your best plants!

Solitary Bees

There is much interest in the activities of bees lately. Cereal and seed companies have jumped on this band wagon and in retail outlets, bee hotels are a hot commodity. However, buyer beware as instead of helping bees to survive and rise in numbers, some of these products may be helping the already declining population to decline even further.

There are over 350 species of solitary bees in Saskatchewan and there are many plants and crops that rely on these bees for pollination. These species of bees do not live in hives as honeybees do but instead tend to nest in small cavities of decaying wood.

Due to habitat loss and even further depleted areas of native grassland, these solitary bee species are under threat. There is also a lot of pesticide use in the province which also is contributing to declining numbers of bees.

Anything we can do to increase suitable habitat would help to change the ability for more bees to survive. Planting wildflowers in your landscape that will attract solitary bees is a good start. Species like bergamot, black-eyed Susan, goldenrod, purple prairie clover, smooth aster and yellow evening primrose will all help to attract these tiny little critters.

Building a bee house will also help to create good habitat for these bees. It is really simple to do this yourself. A wooden box that is open to one or both sides filled with blocks of wood or small logs with holes drilled that are 10 cm deep and in a variety of diameters ranging from 2 to 10 mm is as complex as it gets. Ensure you remove any residual sawdust and face the house in the sun facing east or south with no vegetation in front of the house. It is a good idea to place them at least a metre above the ground.

The care the bee house needs is minimal. If birds are attacking the tunnels then simply attach a piece of chicken wire across the front of the house to protect the bees. In winter, the house should be placed in a dry, unheated shed or alternatively protect the entrances with a piece of plywood or heavy tarp. The pupae that are overwintering in the house need to be cold but dry for the winter months. If at the end of the summer you still have cells which have remained in a walled-up condition, these cells will be dead and should be removed and destroyed.

These solitary bees might include bumblebees, mason bees and even leaf-cutter bees and they prefer to make individual nest cells for their larvae. However, by building a "bee house" it allows them to colonize in one area. This will benefit the amount of pollination you will get in your garden simply be creating a suitable habitat for solitary bees. These solitary bees are harmless and not aggressive and also often are predators of smaller insects.

Please do not hop on the latest lucrative bandwagon and purchase most of the commercially made bee houses that are available. Many of them are expensive, and sadly inadequate for the bees as they do not provide sufficient protection from wet weather and prairie winters; the hole size is too large and have splinters inside; there is no solid back wall so are simply open-ended wind tunnels or may be of a material which causes condensation and the growth of moulds.

Hanbidge is a horticulturist with the Saskatoon School of Horticulture and can be reached at 306-931-GROW(4769); by email at or check out our website at

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Let our team of experts help you to create the outdoor living area of your dreams. Our team of educated and skilled experts can build or renovate your new or existing landscape. Including decks; gazebos; sunrooms; solariums; retaining walls; fences; irrigations systems; and regular maintenance.

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