Let our team of experts help you to create the outdoor living area of your dreams! Our team of educated and skilled experts can build or renovate your new or existing landscape; build you a deck, a fence or any other aspect you dream of!

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Problems managing your property? Commercial or domestic - we will find you a sustainable solution that works for your budget!
We also do Property Maintenance!
Comprehensive Review of Diploma Program Completed
A comprehensive review of the face-to-face Diploma in Horticulture program, was recently completed by the Ministry of Advanced Education. It is our pleasure to share with you that our program met all the requirements of the review and we can confidently ensure our student body that this program exceeds all standards of quality and relevence to students wishing to take advantage of the opportunity to build a great career in the field of horticulture!
Floral Design Courses!

Floral Design classes to enhance your life or train you for a new exciting career!

Floral Design Courses - Please send us an email if you are interested in any of the floral design classes. We schedule dates for courses once we have an appropriate level of interest.

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Meet Your Dream Career...Grow YOUR future! Become a:
  • Landscape Designer
  • Golf Course Manager
  • Garden Centre Supervisor
  • Nursery Production Manager
  • Landscape Construction Foreman
  • Greenhouse Technician
  • Parks & Recreation Supervisor
  • Landscape Maintenance Manger
  • Floral Designer
  • And More....
Distance Learning Courses Now Available!
Begin your dream career NOW by studying in the comfort of your home. All of our diploma and certificate programs can be accessed in our classrooms or by distance / online learning. Our newest program is the:

Target Certificate Program
- take four compulsory courses and choose five electives and get a certificate in horticulture in:
Environmental Horticulture
Production in the Controlled Environment
Field Production
Agronomy and Horticulture
GARDEN PARTY!Join us for our Garden Party - an annual fund raiser for the School of Horticulture!
Saturday August 26th
6pm to 11pm
Entertainment by the legendary pianist Maurice Drouin and the talented Graham Dyck 
starting at 7pm. 

310 Waterloo Crescent
Tickets available at www.picatic.com/gardenparty2017
Please note: deadline to purchase tickets is August 18th
Distance courses are now being offered! Learn in the comfort of your home anytime of the day or night!We offer a number of programs from a full-fledged diploma or certificate to a selection of certificates that deal with a focus on specific parts of the horticultural industry. 

There are three terms of study each year.
Term 1: September 9 - December 19
Term 2: January 12 - April 23
Term 3: May 4 - August 13

Students must be registered by the start date of each term unless special permission is granted. All course material must be completed within the term and the final exam must be applied for within the time frame specified within the course and written on the scheduled date.  

Please contact us for more information or to register!

Applied Botany

A fundamental course dealing with the anatomy and morphology of plants. Plant structure,function and taxonomy will be covered as well as the learner doing exercises that will help ensure an good understanding of horticultural and environmental applications.

Fundamentals of Soils

A fundamental course in soils that deals with the formation of soil, properties of soil and how they affect fertility, water absorption and other plant functions. Topics include: the formation of soil; the physical,chemical and biological properties of soil; the interpretation of soil tests, maps and reports and how soil is a function of plant nutrition and growth.