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With today's trends, the horticultural industry is lacking gardening professionals and qualified employees and management staff. Due to this void, the idea of creating a learning environment which would benefit Canadians was born! Thus, the Saskatoon School of Horticulture began the long process of being developed and becoming a horticulture training centre. 

The curriculum of this exciting new school has been designed to give learners the opportunity to develop the ability to master the skills required by the industry, work in a field they are passionate about and take pride in their new career. There is no better feeling that looking forward to going to work, and loving what you accomplish each day!

The school opened in 2005, and continues to grow our student body at all levels, as well as growing with the ever-changing industry. Since the school opened, many changes have occurred in the production industry which gives our graduates even more opportunity. 
Please contact us if you would like to gain knowledge and skills in your chosen area in the field of horticulture.
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