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SPRING KICK OFF - Saturday, March 16 * 9am to 4:30pm * Potluck lunch

Take one, or all three! (This series can be taken in lieu of Level I Design)
7-9PM - Friday, March 22, April 4 & April 18


Level I
- March 2   Level II - April 27&28   Level III - May 4&5

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Meet Your Dream Career...Grow YOUR future! Become a:
  • Landscape Designer
  • Golf Course Manager
  • Garden Centre Supervisor
  • Nursery Production Manager
  • Landscape Construction Foreman
  • Greenhouse Technician
  • Parks & Recreation Supervisor
  • Landscape Maintenance Manger
  • Floral Designer
  • And More....
 Let our team of experts help you to create the outdoor living area of your dreams! Our team of educated and skilled experts can build or renovate your new or existing landscape; build you a deck, a fence or any other aspect you dream of!

For information, visit the Landscaping tab here.

Problems managing your property? Commercial or domestic - we will find you a sustainable solution that works for your budget!
We also do Property Maintenance!
Distance Learning Courses Now Available!
Begin your dream career NOW by studying in the comfort of your home. All of our diploma and certificate programs can be accessed in our classrooms or by distance / online learning. Our newest program is the:

Target Certificate Program
- take four compulsory courses and choose five electives and get a certificate in horticulture in:
Environmental Horticulture
Production in the Controlled Environment
Field Production
Agronomy and Horticulture

All classes and events are held at our location on Saskatoon's north end!

Unit 1A 415 51st Street East

Hope to see you soon!

Comprehensive Review of Diploma Program Completed
A comprehensive review of the face-to-face and distance Diploma in Horticulture program, was recently completed by the Ministry of Advanced Education. It is our pleasure to share with you that our program met all the requirements of the review and we can confidently ensure our student body that this program exceeds all standards of quality and relevence to students wishing to take advantage of the opportunity to build a great career in the field of horticulture!
With today's trends, the horticultural industry is lacking gardening professionals and qualified employees and management staff. Due to this void, the idea of creating a learning environment which would benefit Canadians was born! Thus, the Saskatoon School of Horticulture began the long process of being developed and becoming a recognized Regulated Vocational School. 

The curriculum of this exciting new school has been designed to give graduates the opportunity to develop the ability to master the skills required by the industry, work in a field they are passionate about and take pride in their new career. There is no better feeling that looking forward to going to work, and loving what you accomplish each day!

The school opened in 2005, and continues to grow our student body, as well as growing with the ever-changing industry. Since the school opened, many changes have occurred in the production industry which gives our graduates even more opportunity. 
We offer many different programs to fit your needs:

Diploma in Horticulture: This program provides the opportunity to develop the skillset and knowledge base to work in upper management in the field of horticulture or to start your own business. This is a two year program which gives the learner the ability to focus on specific aspects of the field in Year II. Learners may focus on Landscaping, Field or Controlled Environment Production, Agronomy or Environmental Horticulture. This program may be taken face-to-face, by distance or online.

Certificate in Horticulture: If you would like to work in the horticulture industry but do not want to start at the bottom, then this may be the course for you! This program is less than one year to complete and can be taken in the classroom, by distance or online.

Target Horticulture Certificate: This program is only 240 hours in length and targets specific parts of the industry. Get a certificate in Floristry, Field or Controlled Environment Production, Landscaping, Agronomy or Environmental Horticulture by taking four compulsory courses and choosing five electives. Do this program by distance or online and grow your future today!
Study for a diploma or certificate from the Saskatoon School of Horticulture. This unique educational opportunity will make a difference in your life by enabling you to enjoy a rewarding career doing what you love to do.
  • Our curriculum will provide our students with top-quality, up-to-date coverage of the world of horticulture. Under the guidance of your qualified instructors, students will discover both the art and science of horticulture.
  • This academic experience will be enhanced with practical sessions, discussions and internships that will give the learner the skill and knowledge to excel in their chosen field.

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